Contact Me

house painter contactYou have to be asking yourself at this point:

“How in the world can little ole’ me possibly have a chance with this world class house painter?”

Would he possibly come over and paint my home or office?

I mean, he’s so awesome, and I’m just… me.

What will he say?  Will he laugh at me?

Well let me put your mind at ease!

I will indeed talk to you if you contact me.  I will indeed.

You can call me at three five two, two one four, six three one seven.

Or, you may text me at the number above.  Or, you may send an email to mark at

Let me prove to you that I will talk to you if you reach out and contact me!

In fact, here’s a video that mentions the word ‘contact’ in it:
(Despite the cheesecake, this will be the longest 3 minutes and 16 seconds of your life, if you manage to watch it all the way through.)