Easy Street Runs Right Through Fort Lauderdale

I don’t know how you found this page.

Maybe it was just dumb luck. Probably it was divine intervention.

Because your life can start to change in unfathomable ways, starting today.

Your destiny can become brighter; your future can be filled with a brilliance of new colors.

And you – yes YOU – can live a life rich with meaning and significance.

No more hum drum, boring, same-old existence… getting by today so you can get by tomorrow.

Nope. That’s all gonna change once you call me for all your house painting needs!

Look, we don’t just paint. We put magic on the walls.

We apply a scientifically formulated liquid elixir that hardens to a strong, durable, long-lasing finish that resists scuffs and scrapes from the most determined two year old you’ve ever had the displeasure of rearing.

Think about it. It starts as a liquid from a can, but magically turns into a solid.

Wow! How does it do that???

What is this wizardry called ‘house paint’?


Other people merely paint. We, on the other hand, perform the rare and arcane practice of alchemy. Sort of like turning lead into gold.

And you, dear one – lucky soul that you are – get to stand back in amazement as we perform our ancient craft.

Honed through the centuries, whispered about in hushed tones, passed down from generation to generation… still the art was almost lost.

Only a few knew the true secrets. Fewer still talked of it.  And only a handful, scattered across the globe, are true artisans in the craft of slopping paint on the walls.

How could you settle for an ordinary painter, performing an ordinary task, when you have us?

Think about it. Then call me.