Privacy Policy

This page constitutes the privacy policy of this website.

Basically, you have no privacy.  This is the digital age, Dorothy, and you’re not in Kansas anymore.  Kansas doesn’t even exist.  You need to deal with that fact.

The best thing you can do, as you read the privacy policy of this website, is to realize that everything you say and do is being watched and recorded, and forwarded to the proper authorities.  And as you realize this, you need to maintain a proper perspective about your lack of privacy.

Namely, you need to realize that nobody else has any privacy either.  We’re all being watched and recorded, and the proper authorities are being notified in case these unknown authorities need to take the appropriate action.

You also need to realize that your privacy is probably safe, since there’s so many other fucking people in this world, and if every one of them has their privacy invaded by the proper authorities… well, they can’t watch us all, can they?

Besides, what exactly are you doing that makes you so damn important?   That’s what I keep saying to all my paranoid schizophrenic friends.  Dude, what makes you so important that anybody’s going to waste their time watching you?  Think about it!  You’re not that important!!!

Get over yourself.

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